I’ve been blogging over on parent site Maggie the Muser for over a year, but I’ve been searching for a way to put some of my many passions together. I decided, enough is enough. I’m going to start showing my baking to the world!

I have been baking for years, I love it. It’s an amazing escape for me. I have no formal credentials when it comes to cooking, I just know when something tastes good! I began reading recipes from every corner of the web but eventually adapted and began my own creations.

You won’t find someone more passionate here! I put so much into ensuring my recipes taste good and anywhere I’ve gained influence from someone else – I put that in too!

I needed to make sure the photos I use are all my own. I’ve decided to try and make my food photography as nice as possible, I hope you agree!

I love hearing from you. If you want to suggest something for me to make, or have any suggestions for me in general – please do get in touch!


Maggie x