General Questions

Do you offer any healthy food recipes?

I believe in a little luxury from time to time, but I absolutely believe in offering healthy desserts and foods too! I’m not vegan, or coeliac but I do aim to cater to different types of foods!

You can expect sections geared towards healthy desserts, dairy and gluten free in the near future.

Do you have any formal or recognised training?

No, but I believe anyone can get into baking! In fact, one of the aims of this website is to get as many people as possible creating their own desserts and hearty foods!

It’s easy to go out there and buy baked goods from supermarkets and such, but there are many benefits to home baking and I aim to showcase those throughout.

Can I use your recipes? (Hint: YES!)

You can 100% use my recipes! I offer a print function, but you can also save them to Pinterest or bookmark them for yourself too. Obviously, give creds where due but I really want you to give these recipes a try!